For those not yet familiar with our organization, let us introduce ourselves. In 1986, two sold-out performances were held in the auditorium using Entrance-type productions (with the cast of 300 alumni participants grouped by decades) to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Rock Rivalry. This monumental event brought alumni from the 30's through the 80's back to ERHS, some to perform and some to see their first Entrance since graduation, to celebrate the unique event that is Rock Rivalry. In response to that event, the Alumni Association was founded to renew and strengthen the bonds formed at ERHS, spending the last 20 years and well over $70,000 in funding scholarship & award programs for ERHS seniors and summer camp programs for elementary school students, and providing other aid as requested to help support the students of the ER School District.

Much effort has been spent to ensure your privacy when registering and participating on this website, which is open only to ERHS alumni.

  • No one will be able to enter the website without registering and setting up a login name and password.
  • Any information you provide here will be available to the Webmaster and Administrators only.
  • No alumni will be able to contact you via email through this site UNLESS you specifically allow this at registration.
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Our 20th anniversary goal is that this site will provide a "virtual" East Rockaway High School, a place where classmates located all over the world can easily reconnect and reminisce.

Please register and help us build this website by participating in message boards, posting school day or reunion photos, providing reunion information, and helping us locate all missing alumni.

Welcome East Rockaway High School Alumni!

East Rockaway High School Alumni Association
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November 2012


The East Rockaway community has sustained extensive damage throughout our village from Superstorm Sandy. All East Rockaway residents have felt the aftermath of this storm in some way and we are volunteering and contributing endlessly –


Our schools were also damaged, and the high school students are now housed at two school buildings which were unoccupied in the Baldwin school district.

The East Rockaway High School Alumni Association is dedicated to helping with the recovery efforts of our schools and community and we know we can count on the support of our Alumni. The Alumni Association has partnered with the East Rockaway Education Foundation for the purpose of submitting donations to the East Rockaway schools.

We call on you to continue to support the students of your village by sending a donation, payable to “The East Rockaway Education Foundation,” and send to P.O. Box 230, East Rockaway, NY 11518. Please include your name and the year you graduated/attended ERHS, and, of course, we welcome your ideas and comments.

Thank you for your continued support to the students of East Rockaway.


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